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Compex part number : WLM200N5-23-ESD , 2*MMCX connector
2 x 2 802.11N 5GHz Single-band MIMO miniPCI
Built-in ESD Protection with RF ESD/EMP Immunity Threshold: 15KeV

WLM200N5-23-ESD MiniPCI wireless network adapter provides up to 200mW output power with electrostatic discharged (ESD) protection. WLM200N5-23-ESD provides leading 802.11a/n performance, supporting up to 300Mbps physical data rates and about 200Mbps of actual user throughput on both the uplink and downlink. Adding Compex WLM 11n series mini-pci wireless network adapter to your device, will greatly improve the network performance and achieve higher efficiency of everyday activities such as file transfers, Internet browsing, and media streaming. Built on Atheros chipset, it can be used with all draft IEEE 802.11n compatible WLANs, and is ideally suited to be integrated into a wide range of OEM devices.



    • Atheros XSPAN family chipset
    • 5GHz IEEE draft 802.11n compliant and backward compatible with 802.11a
    • 5GHz Single-band 2×2 MIMO spatial multiplexing technique
    • Maximum 23dBm output (per antenna port) – 26dBm aggregate
    • Built-in ESD Protection with RF ESD/EMP Immunity Threshold: 15KeV ?
    • Supports up to 300Mbps physical data rates
    • Delivers 10 times the throughput and nearly twice the range of legacy 802.11a network
    • Transmission Power Control (IEEE 802.11h TPC)
    • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
    • Multi-Country Roaming Supported (IEEE802.11d Global Harmonization Standard)
    • 2 x U.FL Antenna Connectors
    • suport MRC (Maximum ratio combined) technology

Complete datasheet please see here.

    • DRIVER Linux, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista,Mikrotik OS 4 supported !!

11n standard uses OFDM modulation and is therefore perfectly legal to operate these facilities under the general authority as 11a/b/g.

The speed at which the devices communicate determine the so-called modulation schemes and code MSC. These are defined total 31st MSC 0-7 uses one antenna to transmit and receive (so-called single stream) It is possible to have a standard width of 20 MHz channel, but for higher speed is selected to be 40 MHz. MSC7 theoretical maximum speed of 150 Mbps and is used only one antenna. Real rates are above 70 Mbps, but we\’ll see how it will be in our other tests.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 0.3 cm


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