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WiFi 7 QCN 6274 QCN9274 modules testing samples available now

WiFi 7 modules from 524WiFi are available for testing. Unfortunately we just have the chip QCN6274, QCN9274 is short of the market. Leadtime for QCN 9274 chipset is 16-20 weeks now. Please check the differences bellow :

In our China factory we have these samples available now :

DR9274-5G (QCN6274) with UFL connectors 22pcs,with mmcx connectors 20pcs

DR9274-2.4G(QCN6274)with UFL connectors 15pcs

DR9274-6G(QCN6274)with mmcx connector 15pcs

All these our modules we can deliver for USD 99 each

COMPEX factory can ship these samples quickly :

WLW7000E5 8A0674S-TE   14pcs (QCN6274)
WLW7000E6 8A0674S-TE  12pcs  (QCN6274)
WLW7002E25 8A0674S-TE  20pcs (QCN6274 2×2 mimo dual band 2,4+5GHz)

Price for COMPEX modules is USD 199 per one module.

If you are interested in WiFi 7 802.11bt modules, then please contact us and tell us more about your project, used HW and SW platform and we will recommend the best solution for you.

Yours 524wifi team

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