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Support 1 pcs  M.2 card

Support Intel AX200NGW

Support DR9074 – 5G / 6E WIFI 6 modules

RoHS compliance ensure a high level protection of human health and the environment from risks that can be posed by chemicals


Product Description

DR3G11 is an adapter card with one  M.2 slot. It can be used in a PC with a PCIe slot. Use this new adapter to expand your connectivity and upgrade your device to use the latest  m.2 interface cards. Each comes with both low and regular profile brackets.  Brackets include holes for mounting SMA connectors, or for using as cable exit holes.



Parameter Rating Unit
Input voltage 12 V
Output Voltage 3.3 V
Operating Temperature -40 to +70 ºC
Operating Humidity Range 5 to +95 (non-condensing) %
Storage Humidity Range 0 to +90 (non-condensing) %
ROHS Compliance YES




Parameter Rating Unit
Length 110 Mm
Width 66 Mm


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 0.3 cm


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