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Wodaplug EOC Indoor Slave – EOC1121R4L, 600Mbps, 4*LAN, 2*F, WEB Management, max 256 slaves, VLAN, IGMP, QoS …

Wodaplug EoC product is focused on the use of existing cable television (CATV) infrastructure for Internet access or broadband data transmission for the purpose of being compatible with the existing CATV (or sometimes satellite television) broadcast signals simultaneously transmitted on the same cable.

EOC1121R4 series are for NGB next generation broadcast network, especially for Cable TV Operators. It is an advanced end equipment to carry out family bandwidth data access. EOC1121R4L is based on P1901 International Standard Protocol and HomePlug AV Protocol, with low-band and support big line-loss, long transmission distance.

4*10/100M Ethernet ports, 2*RF ports
Occupies the Low Frequency Band under 7.5~65MHz. Strong capacity of anti-interference. High bandwidth.
High-speed up to 700Mbps communications link over existing coaxial cable, @up to 700-1500 meters (depens on cable structure and quality)
Support SNMP management and MIB standard
Support VLAN(802.1), QoS(802.1p), IGMP
Support remote management and auto-upgrade


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Item Specification – Model Number – EOC1121R4L
Chipset Intellon INT7411L, RTL8198
Protocol HomePlug AV IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x,HTTP, SNMP, TELNET
Phisycal Speed 700Mbps
Modulation Bandwidth 7.5 MHz~65 MHz
Modulation Technology OFDM,1024/256/64/16QAM,QPSK,BPSK
Max. Slave number 256
Encryption mode 128-bit AES encrypted
VLAN Support max. 16 VLANs
Limitation of port speed Support minimum 64Kbps granularity
QoS Support VLAN priority
Working mode CSMA/CA
Multicast support Support IGMP manage Multicast diagram
Management mode Support SNMP, WEB, CLI multi-managed mode

Interface Features
Ethernet Interface 4*10/100M Ports
Coax. Cable Interface 1*Female Connector, IP signal output

LED Indication
Ethernet Network connection indicator
Power Power connection indicator
Data Cable connection indicator

RF Performance
Impedance 75Ohm
Transmit Power 0±3dBm
Reflection loss >16dB
Insertion loss 1dB
Receiving sensitivity -65dB

Electrical Characteristics
Power Consumption ≦10W
Power Supply 12VAC

Environment Features
Working Temperature -30℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%, non-condensation
Storage Humidity 5%~90%, non-condensation
Environmental standards RoHS

Physical characteristics
Product Size 150*110*30mm
Product Weight N.W.: 0.44kg G.W.: 0.46kg
C/TN Size 470*360*435mm 25pcs/carton
C/TN Weight 11.5kgs

EoC Description
The EoC (Ethernet over COAX)provides Ethernet Access through Coaxial Network, offer Cable TV signal transmission for Operator based on existing Cable network as well as Broadband Data Access. In Network Application, EoC include Head End Equipment called Master and Terminal Equipment called Slave, one Master can support 128 Salvers, network structure can be star type or tree type.

The product of EoC master which can provide the transmission of broadband data service via coax, which is suitable for application in a wide range of both residential (in-home) and commercial (offices, apartments, hotels, warehouses) network applications in which the coax can be utilized. There is never any need to install new wires. These outdoor devices enable the effortless creation of a high-speed network that supports video, voice and data.

The product of EoC slave for end-user that work with EoC master devices to establish Ethernet transmission channels over coaxial cables.

Weight 045 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 6 cm


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