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DRiver DR6018S 3.3km Outdoor Test Results

🚀IPQ6018 router board DR6018S 3.3km Test Results🚀

We are excited to share the impressive performance of our 524WiFi WiFi6 solution:DR6018S!

Test Devices:
🔹Routerboard: DR6018S
🔹Antenna: DR5G17

Throughput Test:
🔸Speed: 572 Mbps
🔸RSSI: 34
🔸 RX: 854.7 Mbps
🔸 TX: 432.4 Mbps

These results highlight the exceptional capabilities of the DR6018S, making it a top choice for high-performance, long-range applications. With its robust throughput and reliable signal strength, this solution is ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial projects.

Ready to elevate your connectivity? Contact us to learn more about the DR6018S and how it can meet your project needs!

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