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WLW7000E2 is a Single-Band 2,4GHz WiFi 7 (802.11be) module. It is based on Qualcomm’s QCN6274 or QCN9274  ‘Waikiki’ series radio solution. This is a 4T4R (4×4) MU-MIMO 5GHz solution and is available in both commercial grade (QCN6274) and industrial grade (QCN9274). With 4 spatial streams, WLW7000E2 is capable of achieving up to 1.376Gbps.
WLW7000E2 can deliver up to 19dBm per chain. WLW7000E5 is capable of doing both AP and STA mode, in this case, doing backhaul and providing connectivity for clients at the same time. Based on a 5V design,  WLW7000E2 ensures that the signal coverage is as wide as possible, in exchange for consuming slightly more power than a conventional WiFi module. WLE7000E2 is suitable for customers who require their product to provide wide signal coverage.
Supporting up to 4096 QAMs, WLW7000E2 with its OFDMA feature is a perfect solution for Enterprise, Industrial, Cybersecurity, Transportation, and SMB applications or appliances. Multi-Link Operation (MLO) support reduces latency and helps to aggregate throughput, depending on device setup. Preamble puncturing supported by WLW7000E6 improves spectral efficiency by allowing a Wi-Fi 7 access point (AP) to transmit a “punctured” portion of the spectrum channel if some of the channels are being used by legacy users. FIPS L2 is available as a feature uniquely on QCN9274, for customers who care most about the cryptographic protection of their product. Furthermore, with Compex acting as a value-added manufacturer, WLW7000E5 is not restricted to working just on Qualcomm’s ecosystem, but also on 3rd party platforms such as Intel x86 and other ARM processors such as NXP and Marvell.
Chipset(s) Qualcomm QCN6274
Type of Connector(s) 4x U.FL Connectors
WiFi Interface PCIe 3.0
Wireless 6GHz 802.11ax/be, max 19dBm per chain
5GHz 4×4 MU-MIMO, up to 1.376Gbps
WLAN Frequency Range 2.412~2.472GHz
Channel Spectrum Widths for WLAN 20/40 at 2,4 GHz
Power Consumption 11W (Max)
Operating Voltage 5V
Environmental Compliances
EU Region
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 0.8 cm


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