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What is WiFi-SON

WIFI-SON(Wi-Fi self-organizing network) is Qualcomm’s wireless AD hoc network solution. It has perfect band steering, ap steering, APS and other functions. wifison requires nodes to support dual-frequency (or 3-frequency). The wifison network consists of one CAP(Adaptive path selection) and several RE(Range extender), and connects to the gateway through the CAP.

📢 The introduction of Wi-Fi SON technology aims to reduce the maintenance cost of Wi-Fi networks, improve network performance, and provide users with a better experience. This technology is often used in conjunction with Wi-Fi standards such as 802.11k, 802.11v, and 802.11r for more efficient network management.

📢 CAP (Central AP) : A wifison network connects to an external network through a CAP. A wifison network has only one CAP.
Range Extender (RE) : All nodes in the wifison network except the CAP are RE.
Whole Home Coverage (WHC) : Some wifison configuration names start with this parameter, for example, iwpriv ath0 | grep whc You can see some wifison configuration.
🔊 repacd (RE Placement and Auto-Configuration Daemon) : a script in the SDK that is used to automatically maintain wireless configurations related to wifison and start wifison services.
📣 Load balancing daemon (ldb) : used for Band Steering on a single node. However, if hyd is used, the Band Steering process is managed by hyd and is therefore unnecessary.
📣 hyd (Hy-Fi daemon) : Used to manage Band Steering, AP Steering, APS, and dual-band anti-ring. wifison is the core process.
HyFi (Hybrid wifi) : Some module names start with this parameter.
Self-organizing network (SON) : The main mode of wifison networking, based on WPS.
📯 BSS transition management (BTM) : Supports 802.11v device steering.
Wi-Fi SON Placement Configuration Daemon (wsplcd) : A process used in the SDK to synchronize configurations between nodes.
hyfi-bridging: The wifison key kernel module for APS and ring prevention.

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