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Wi-Fi 7 low power consumption cards DRiver series DR9274

Upgrade your IIoT devices with 524WiFi’ NEW wifi7 Network cards – DR9274-5GK and DR9274-6GK! 📶🔌

Experience better performance and save energy with just 7W power consumption! ⚡️

Power usage is crucial for IIoT devices. Excessive power can harm device functionality and user experience. 😔

Industries like oil and gas, agriculture, healthcare, wildlife conservation, forestry, and water monitoring need IoT devices with long-lasting battery life.⏱️🔋

No more battery worries! Optimize your devices with 524WiFi’ power-efficient wifi7 Network cards for an efficient IIoT setup

Test now and revolutionize your IIoT experience! 💡✨

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