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How to run QCA 9880 / 9882 based WiFi modules in Windows 10

Do you need to run the very popular QCA 9880 / 9882 wifi modules in Wndows 10 PC ? Finaly you can !

Tested with 524wifi 600VX Pro+ modules with QCA9880 chipset. This modules are better than all other QCA988x based module sthat we ever tested.

Qualcomm unsfortunately not released Windows drivers for their 802.11ac chipsets. This Chipset comes with Linux / OpenWRT driver sonly. But ….

The card has the same PCI ID (168c:003c) as the Killer NIC 1420 (Qualcomm Atheros QCA9862) listed at https://deviwiki.com/wiki/List_of_802.11ac_Hardware/Wireless_Adapters

The driver for this card can be downloaded from dell


Do not start the .exe, instead unzip the .exe to a folder

The driver is located at .\inf\production\<windows version>\ak1420\

Install the driver in Windows. For me the Windows 8 64bit driver works in Windows 10.

I can connect to 5 GHz and 2,4 GHz in client mode and I can also start in AP-Mode (2,4 GHz only).


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