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Discovering Wi-Fi 6: What is Target Wake Time ( TWT )?

Wi-Fi 6 is making waves with its groundbreaking features, and Target Wake Time (TWT) is one of the highlights. Imagine a smarter way for Access Points (APs) and stations to synchronize their wake-up times for data transmission. It’s like setting alarms for a family living in different rooms, ensuring everyone wakes up at the most convenient time.

Here’s the deal: Without TWT, stations constantly listen for data transmissions, draining battery life unnecessarily. But with TWT, they negotiate specific wake-up times with the AP, conserving power and extending battery life significantly.

So, why does TWT matter? Well, in a nutshell, it’s the key to efficient energy management and improved network performance in Wi-Fi 6 devices. As enterprises embrace this new standard, understanding TWT becomes crucial for maximizing the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Ready to dive deeper into the world of Wi-Fi 6? Stay tuned for more insights into its revolutionary features! 💻🚀

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