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Wi-Fi 7 IPQ9574 QCN9074 Does the WiFi 7 IPQ 9574 Platform Support WiFi6 QCN 9074 Card?

In the realm of wireless networking, compatibility is key to ensuring smooth transitions and optimal performance. With the emergence of the WiFi7 platform DR9574 featuring the powerful IPQ9574 chipset alongside the versatile QCN9074, many wonder: does this cutting-edge platform support backward compatibility with WiFi6 cards like the DR9074? Let’s delve into this compatibility aspect.

Exploring Compatibility with WiFi6 Card DR9074

The DR9574 WiFi7 platform by Wallys, powered by the robust IPQ9574 chipset and complemented by the QCN9074, represents a pinnacle of wireless technology innovation. But what about its compatibility with WiFi6 cards such as the DR9074?

524WiFi engineering prowess ensures that the DR9574 WiFi7 platform seamlessly integrates with WiFi6 cards like the DR9074. Through meticulous optimization and firmware enhancements, Wallys’ software team has facilitated backward compatibility, allowing customers to leverage existing WiFi6 infrastructure alongside the latest WiFi7 advancements.

By supporting backward compatibility with WiFi6 cards like the DR9074, the DR9574 WiFi7 platform empowers customers with unparalleled versatility and flexibility in their network deployments. Whether upgrading to WiFi7 or expanding existing WiFi6 networks, customers can seamlessly integrate both technologies to meet their evolving connectivity needs.

With the DR9574 WiFi7 platform’s backward compatibility with WiFi6 cards like the DR9074, Wallys enables customers to unlock new capabilities and possibilities in their wireless networks. Whether it’s enhancing throughput, extending coverage, or improving network efficiency, the seamless integration of WiFi6 and WiFi7 technologies opens doors to new opportunities for innovation and growth.

How to configure the DR9074(QCN9074) card on DR9574(IPQ9574) platform?

Kindly note DR9074 only used on pcie3 slot

If you want use DR9074-5G, you can under uboot:

setenv machid 8050001

setenv bootargs ‘console=ttyMSM0,115200n8 ubi.mtd=rootfs root=mtd:ubi_rootfs rootfstype=squashfs rootwait cnss2.bdf_pci3=0xa0’


than reset, you can use DR9074-5G;

if you want use DR9074-6G, should change 0xa0 to 0xa2.

In the ever-evolving landscape of wireless networking, seamless compatibility between different generations of technology is essential. With the DR9574 WiFi7 platform’s backward compatibility with WiFi6 cards like the DR9074, Wallys reaffirms its commitment to providing customers with cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure while embracing the advancements of tomorrow.

524WiFi is dedicated to continuous innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of WiFi technology. In addition to its hardware products, Wallys also offers a range of ODM/OEM services, including:

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