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524wifi.com – Mediatek DRiver 7915-NPD WIFI 6 DBDC modules


The throughput of a network card refers to the data transfer rate or the amount of data that the network card can handle in a specific period. It is usually measured in bits per second (bps) or its multiples like kilobits per second (Kbps), megabits per second (Mbps), or gigabits per second (Gbps).

 The throughput of a network card is influenced by various factors, including the hardware capabilities of the card, the quality of the network cables, the network environment, and the protocols being used. Different network card models may have varying throughputs based on their design and capabilities.

 Modern network cards, especially those designed for high-speed networks like Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) or even faster, can handle data transfers at very high rates. The throughput of a network card is an important consideration in network performance, as it directly impacts the data transmission speed and overall efficiency of the network.

 It’s worth noting that the actual throughput experienced in a network may be lower than the maximum throughput of the network card due to factors like network congestion, latency, and other network bottlenecks. Network administrators often perform tests and optimizations to achieve the best possible throughput in their specific network setups.

Today, we are excited to showcase the recent test results for the DR7915 Network Card’s throughput.

Equipment Used:

PC x 2

DR40X9 x 2

DR7915 x 2

Feeder Line, UART


Test Setup

Test with indoor 5dbi @ 5G omni antenna

Test with 1G Ethernet port

Here are the key highlights of our findings:

DR40X9 Throughput: 552 Mbps

The DR40X9 device showcased its prowess with an impressive throughput of 552 Mbps. This outstanding wireless data transmission capability highlights the device’s reliability and top-notch performance in real-world scenarios.

DR7915 Throughput: 843 Mbps

Equally impressive, the DR7915 Network Card delivered an astounding throughput of 843 Mbps! This network card demonstrated its exceptional ability to handle data packets and maintain high-speed connections with ease.

DR40X9 or DR40X9 Work with DR7915 have good performance in 5G test.We will change the setting of the software and test in better environment to get higher performance,then we will update it.


Here comes the 524WiFi IPQ4019/IPQ4029 With MT7915 wireless solution:


The DR40x9 is an industrial-grade wireless solution that stands out with its robust IPQ4019/IPQ4029 chipset. This powerful chipset provides a solid foundation for reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity. With its integrated 2x 5G high-power radio modules and 2×2.4G high-power radio modules, the DR40x9 ensures excellent coverage and enhanced signal strength.

Frequency Range and Bandwidth Support:

The DR40x9 offers an extensive frequency range, supporting frequencies from 4.940GHz to 5.825GHz for optimal wireless performance. Additionally, it supports frequencies from 2.400GHz to 2.482GHz, ensuring compatibility with various wireless devices. The solution also offers flexibility in bandwidth selection, supporting 5MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz, 40MHz, and 80MHz options for efficient data transmission.

Connectivity Options:

Equipped with 2 x 5G MMCX connectors and 2×2.4G MMCX connectors, the DR40x9 enables flexible connectivity options. These connectors ensure secure and stable connections, allowing for seamless integration into different setups and environments.

Support for Wireless Standards:

The DR40x9 supports wireless standards such as 11ABGN and 11AC, guaranteeing compatibility with a wide range of devices. Whether you’re connecting legacy devices or modern wireless devices, the solution ensures smooth and reliable connectivity.

RoHS Compliance:

The DR40x9 adheres to RoHS compliance standards, ensuring a high level of protection for both human health and the environment. This commitment to environmental safety mitigates risks posed by potentially harmful chemicals, making it a responsible choice for wireless solutions.

Firmware Support:

The DR40x9 firmware provides comprehensive support for all modules of Quectel, a leading provider of wireless communication modules. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and optimized performance when using Quectel modules alongside the DR40x9 solution.

Open Source Support:

The DR40x9 firmware supports popular open-source firmware options like Openwifi and OpenWrt. These open-source platforms provide users with extensive customization capabilities and flexibility, allowing for tailored configurations and advanced networking features.

In conclusion, the DR40x9 is an industrial-grade wireless solution featuring a powerful IPQ4019/IPQ4029 chipset. With its high-power radio modules, broad frequency range, flexible bandwidth support, and compliance with RoHS standards, the DR40x9 provides reliable wireless connectivity while prioritizing environmental safety. Additionally, its firmware support for Quectel modules and compatibility with open-source firmware options like Openwifi and OpenWrt further enhance its versatility and customization options.

2.DRiver Mediatek 7915 NPD


Dual-Band High Power Radio Modules:

The DR7915 is equipped with a 2×2 2.4G high-power radio module and a 2×2 5G high-power radio module. This dual-band capability ensures reliable and efficient wireless connectivity in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. The high-power design enhances signal strength and coverage, enabling seamless access to bandwidth-intensive applications and reducing signal dropouts in challenging RF environments.

High-Bandwidth Video Streaming and Data Transmission:

With the DR7915 (hashtag#MT7915), enterprises can enjoy uninterrupted high-bandwidth video streaming and data transmission. The module’s advanced capabilities and efficient data processing ensure smooth video conferencing, multimedia content delivery, and fast file transfers. This enables teams to collaborate seamlessly and boosts productivity in the office or industrial settings.

Enhanced Voice Communication:

The DR7915 (hashtag#MT7915) prioritizes voice communication, offering clear and reliable voice transmissions for enterprise communication needs. Whether it’s conference calls, VoIP applications, or real-time voice communication, the DR7915 ensures crystal-clear voice quality, reducing background noise and providing a seamless communication experience for teams.

Robust Connectivity in Challenging RF Environments:

Enterprise environments often pose challenges for wireless connectivity due to interference and obstacles. The DR7915 (hashtag#MT7915) is designed to excel in such environments, with features that mitigate interference and ensure robust connectivity. The high-power radio modules and advanced signal processing algorithms enable stable connections, even in RF-dense areas or locations with physical obstructions.

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