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DRiver series 4019 IPQ4019 Based Industrial Board: Multifunctional with 2 MiniPCIe Support, OpenWRT LTE, 5G, MT7915, and QCN9074 Platform

Empowering Customization and Connectivity: The IPQ4019-Based Industrial Board

In the realm of industrial connectivity, adaptability reigns supreme. Introducing the IPQ4019-based industrial board, a versatile solution engineered to offer unparalleled customization and connectivity options. Let’s explore its key features:

Tailored Dual LTE Support

– This board supports customizable configurations for dual LTE support, allowing for routerboard/baseboard+SOM setups tailored to specific requirements. Whether it’s optimizing bandwidth or ensuring redundancy, users can fine-tune their connectivity solutions with ease.

Efficient Network Segmentation via VLANs

– Recognizing the importance of network segmentation, this board seamlessly integrates VLAN support. Users can create distinct virtual networks within a single physical infrastructure, enhancing security and efficiency.

Customized LUCI Interface

– Elevate brand identity and user experience with a customized LUCI interface featuring the customer’s logo. This personalized touch adds a professional flair while maintaining familiarity for end-users.

Extended Range Firmware Customization

– Break through geographical barriers with custom firmware designed for long-distance transmission, reaching up to 20km. Whether it’s remote installations or expansive deployments, rest assured that firmware updates will reach even the most remote endpoints.

Seamless Integration with Leading Controllers

– Integrate effortlessly into existing network architectures with support for Wallys AP Controller and TIP Cloud Controller. Benefit from centralized management, configuration, and monitoring capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and scalability.

Conclusion: Unmatched Flexibility for Industrial Connectivity

In conclusion, the IPQ4019-based industrial board stands as a beacon of innovation and adaptability in industrial connectivity. With its support for customizable LTE configurations, VLANs, branded interfaces, long-distance firmware transmission, and integration with leading management controllers, this board offers unparalleled flexibility and connectivity options. Whether optimizing performance, enhancing security, or streamlining operations, this versatile solution is poised to revolutionize industrial connectivity challenges.

DR4019 / DR4029

Featuring with industrial-grade IPQ4019/IPQ4029 chipset

Integrated with 2x 2 5G high power Radio module and 2×2 2.4G high power Radio module

Support 4.940GHz to 5.825GHz Frequency Range

Support 2.400GHz to 2.482GHz

Support 2 x 5G MMCX Connectors and 2×2.4G MMCX

Support 5MHz/10MHz/20MHz/40MHz/80MHz Bandwidth

Support 11ABGN/AC

Support fixed data rate

RoHS compliance ensure a high level protection of human health and the environment from risks that can be posed by chemicals

Our Firmware supports all the modules of Quectel

Support Openwifi

Support QSDK

Support Openwrt

Openwrt and 6E support

With QCN9074 QCN9024 DR9074-6E card

With MT7915 DR7915

Openwrt and 5Ghz support

With QCA9880/QCA9882 DR900VX DR600VX DR882

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